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How to Draw Olives

Olives drawing

Olives are an excellent addition to a healthy diet and a source of natural olive oil.
This plant has been known since the most ancient times and is an integral product in the kitchens of many countries of the world. So, let’s start the tutorial on how to draw olives.


Step 1

Sketch out the olive branch with the help of a long and slightly curved line. Next, outline the location of the olives with the help of ovals.

How to draw olives

Step 2

Here we need to add olive leaves using very light lines. Leaves should be fairly narrow, long and uneven.

How to draw olives step by step

Step 3

Now let’s use darker lines. Carefully draw out the outlines of olives and leaves. Thicken the branch with additional lines.

How to draw an olive branch

Step 4

Let’s make our drawing of olives more voluminous. Add shadows taking into account the angle of incidence of the light, as in the example below.

How to draw olives

So, as you already understood, it is easy to learn how to draw olives. Here we drew olives on a branch, but if you wanted another variant of drawing olives, write us about it.


  1. this was very hard i would like more steps and ones that are like step 1 draw a circle cause I need this for a school project

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