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How to Draw a Tesla Model 3

How to Draw a Tesla Model 3

Kind time of the day, dear artists and fans of cool cars. In today’s drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw Tesla Model 3 – an electric five-seat sedan produced by Tesla.

Step 1

Despite the fact that Tesla is probably the most advanced car, its body remains still the same as that of conventional cars. Thus, we outline the contours of the body of the car with the help of light lines. Please note that the lines should not be too clear and straight, we need first two steps in order to outline the contours of the car on a sheet of paper.

How to Draw a Tesla Model 3

Step 2

Continue the drawing lesson on how to draw a Tesla Model 3. In the front of the car we sketch out the outlines of the headlights. The Tesla does not have a radiator grille, so between the headlights we sketch out a line for the fake radiator grille.

How to Draw a Tesla Model 3

Step 3

As we have already said, in the first steps we sketched out the main outlines of the car, from this step we will work on the details. With the help of clear and dark lines draw first the headlights of our Tesla. With the help of curved lines we draw the hood and in the center of the hood between the headlights we draw the Tesla logo.

How to Draw a Tesla Model 3

Step 4

Continue to draw Tesla Model 3. Under the headlights and Tesla sign draw a curved line of the fake grille. Below we outline the bumper lines and long and flat turn signals.

how to draw a tesla car 3

Step 5

So, let’s move higher and start working on the upper part of our Tesla. Continuing the line of the bonnet we sketch out the curved line of the roof, which smoothly passes into the rear part. Using clear lines draw out the windows and rear-view mirrors.

how to draw a tesla 3

Step 6

Continuing the line of windows draw out the doors and unusual retractable car handles. By the way, even the doors of Tesla are unusual, for example, Tesla Model X rear doors rise up like doors of DeLorean DMC.

tesla model 3 drawing

Step 7

So, we are already approaching the last step of the lesson about how to draw Tesla Model 3. Draw wheel arches, which should be clear and smooth. Inside the wheel arches draw out the wheels, which from this point of view look like ovals.

How to Draw a Tesla

Step 8

A fairly complex step in which we will need to draw out the rims. Draw the outlines of rims in the form of normal ovals. Next, outline the center of the rims and spokes emanating from the center to the edges of the rims.

Tesla Model 3 drawing

Step 9

Lesson about how to draw a Tesla Model 3 came to the last step. It’s pretty simple step in which we need to add some shadows using simple hatching.

How to Draw a Tesla Model 3

Prior to this model, Tesla already created Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. If you want us to draw the rest of the models, then write about it here and share this drawing lesson with your friends.


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