How to Draw a Cap

How to draw a cap

Hello! Today we will show you how to draw a cap.


Step 1

First we will draw a rounded figure.

How to draw a cap


Step 2

The thing without which we can not imagine any cap is definitely a visor. Therefore, in this step we will draw the outline of the visor.

How to draw a baseball cap step by step


Step 3

Now let’s draw a button that is located at the top and strips.

How to draw a new era cap

Step 4

Now we will draw the outlines of the logo. You can draw your version of the logo. For example, it could be a sign of Superman or Wolverine’s claws.

Cap drawing


Step 5

In the final step of this drawing lesson, it only remains to erase unnecessary guide lines and draw light shadows.

How to draw a cap

Today we showed you how to draw a cap. We are trying really hard to draw more tutorials for you. If you like it don’t forget to visit our facebook page.

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  1. Marcia Temple

    really good for drawing i impressed the boys with this 1

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