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How to Draw a Cap

How to draw a cap

The team of Drawingforall.net has created an almost complete list of clothing items that can be drawn. But clothing is not only what is worn on the torso and legs, but also something that can be put on the head. Earlier we have already drawn a winter version of a headdress in our lesson about how to draw a knit hat, and now we will show you how to draw a cap – headgear for warmer weather.


Step 1

First, we will draw a rounded figure. The upper part of the figure looks like something similar to a square with rounded edges, and the lower part should be flat. It is important to remember that the lines of the initial steps should be the lightest to make the process of adding amendments much easier.

How to draw a cap


Step 2

The thing without which we can not imagine any cap is definitely a visor. Therefore, in this step we will draw the outline of the visor. We draw a cap with a straight peak, but of course you can draw a cap with a curved, very long or short peak.

How to draw a baseball cap step by step


Step 3

Now let’s draw a button that is located at the top. Now, using a few simple lines, draw seams that diverge from the button at the top down to the edges of the peaked cap.

How to draw a new era cap

Step 4

Now we will draw the outlines of the logo. You can draw your version of the logo. For example, it could be a sign of Superman or Wolverine’s claws. Here we need not only to remove unnecessary lines, but also to trace all the necessary lines to make the drawing clear and clean.

Cap drawing


Step 5

In the final step of this drawing lesson on how to draw a cap, it only remains to erase unnecessary guidelines and draw light shadows. Shadows will help your headdress drawing look more realistic and voluminous.

How to draw a cap

Today we showed you how to draw a cap. We are trying really hard to draw more tutorials for you. If you like it, don’t forget to visit our Facebook page.


  1. I really like your page from how you upload posts to how it looks.I am very impressed! As an Drawing Lover,I think it is very useful and easy to use for me!I trust this page from the first time I check it out…there are lots more things to say about this page but generally it is a pleasure to use the page.

  2. Amazing! I wear hats almost every day and i do self portraits a lot so this help me out! Thanks!

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