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How to Draw an Artist’s Brush

How to draw an artists brush

Hello! Today we will tell you how to draw a brush. This is a tool that we rarely use in our work, in fact.To be frank, we never use a brush for drawing tutorials on this website.


Step 1

First draw the oblique line. This line should be located in the center of a sheet of paper.

How to draw an artists brush


Step 2

At the lower end of the wand we draw a rounded figure with a pointed end. This figure looks like a flower bud.

How to draw an artist brush


Step 3

In this step we will add a narrow quadrangular figure in our drawing. And let’s arrange this figure directly above the “bud” from the last step.

How to sketch out an artists brush step by step


Step 4

Now is the time to draw a handle for drawing brushes. As you can see, it is very narrow in the proximal part.

Learn how to draw an artists brush


Step 5

In this step, we do not need to draw anything. Gently erase unnecessary guide lines from the previous steps. You should get an image of something like this:

Artists brush drawing


Step 6

The last step is the drawing of shadows.

How to draw an artists brush

Hopefully this was not very difficult. To make it easier to work on this lesson, you can draw a brush in a horizontal position. We’ll see you in the next drawing lessons. Bye!

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