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How to Draw a Monster Dog

How to draw a monster dog step by step

In one of the previous drawing lessons we showed you how to draw Cerberus – a terrible dog from the world of Hades. Today we decided to show you a tutorial about a similar terrible dog, but with some differences. Today’s dog will have two heads instead of three and a snake tail. So, let’s begin the lesson on how to draw a monster dog.


Step 1

Despite the fact that this dog is unusual, we will draw it like an ordinary dog, with the only difference being that today’s dog has two heads. First of all sketch out two heads, a thorax and a pelvis. With the help of simple lines, we sketch out the necks, spine and limbs.

How to draw a monster dog

Step 2

Let’s now work with the volume. We’ll start with the head and move to the tail. Thus we outline the open mouths and sinister eyes. Sketch out the shape of neck and torso, which narrows in the area of the abdomen. With the help of light lines sketch out the paws and snake-tail .

How to sketch a monster dog

Step 3

In the previous steps we drew the b ase for the drawing, from this step we will work on the final details, also moving from head to tail. Draw out the outlines of the heads, with open mouths and sharp teeth. Do not forget to draw all the wrinkles and details as in the nude example.

Learn to draw a monster dog

Step 4

Using the same clear and dark lines, carefully draw out the contours of the neck, which go into the torso. Draw the outlines of the vertebrae as shown in our example. Also do not forget to remove unnecessary guidelines from the neck and torso.

Draw a monster dog

Step 5

This step seems very difficult, but in fact it is not. Here we need to draw out the outlines of legs and sharp claws on the legs. Also draw out the remaining lines of the torso and long serpentine tail. In addition, erase unnecessary guidelines from the drawing.

How to draw a scary monster dog

Step 6

The last step by tradition will be devoted to how to draw shadows. Using dense shading, add shadows. Use dark hatching to draw dark shadows and light hatching to draw light shadows.

How to draw a monster dog step by step

In the legends of the planet Earth there is a variety of creatures and monsters, many of which are already on our site, but many are not here yet. If you want other lessons about characters that are not yet on our site, then write us about it. Also write us your opinion about our site and share our drawing lessons – it’s very important for us.


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