How to Draw Casper Easy

How to Draw Casper Easy

We all know Casper the Friendly Ghost – a friendly ghost child, living in the one house with his evil uncles. So, let’s start the lesson on how to draw Casper.


Step 1

First of all draw the outlines of the head in the form of a figure similar to a light bulb.

How to Draw Casper Easy

Step 2

On each side of the head we draw out the arms with rounded fingers.

How to Draw Casper Easy step by step

Step 3

Next, draw the torso and tail of our friendly ghost. The outlines are drawn, we proceed to the details.

How to Draw Casper

Step 4

Draw oval eyes, which in the lower part are slightly closer to each other than in the upper. Draw circle pupils of Casper.

How to Draw Casper Easy step by step

Step 5

Using three short bent lines, draw the eyebrows and nose. Draw the mouth with the tongue inside and go to the last step.

Casper drawing

Step 6

Now with the help of short, “ghostly” strokes add shadows, as our artists did in the example below this text.

How to Draw Casper Easy

If the lesson on how to draw Casper was really simple, then our task is done. But if you are confronted with some problems, write to us about it. But anyway, we are sure that in the learning process of drawing there are no unachievable tasks, any problem will be solved by persistence and constant practice.

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  1. Super helpful my baby sister is obsessed with Casper and she always wants me to draw him for her.

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