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How to Draw a Macintosh

The Apple company literally conquered the world, because their gadgets are among the best-selling, and Apple Corporation itself is one of the richest in this world. This company occupies a special place even on our website, because we not only actively use iPhones and iPads, but also very often show how to draw gadgets of Apple company. And today we want to go back to basics, and show you how to draw a Macintosh the way it looked in the eighties. Since many computers of that time were very similar to Mac, you can draw an old computer of other companies using this step-by-step article.


Step 1

We begin to draw an old computer from Apple with a simple cubic shape. Use very light lines so that in the last steps you can make changes and erase auxiliary lines without any difficulties.

Macintosh drawing tutorial

Step 2

Now let’s add the most important details, making our Mac drawing more realistic. First, we sketch out a small screen, then depict the contours of the keyboard and the mouse with a wire that goes beyond the computer.

How to draw an Apple computer

Step 3

Now we need to start adding the most important details to the Mac drawing. First draw the borders of the screen. Next, outline the floppy disk drive, the outlines of the keys and buttons on the mouse.

How to draw a Macintosh step by step

Step 4

Now let’s get to the final touches. First we need to carefully trace the entire computer drawing using clear and dark lines and draw the keys. Next, use an eraser to remove all unnecessary guidelines.

How to draw an Apple Macintosh

Step 5

In the final step of the lesson on how to draw a Mac, we will work with the shadows. With the help of a simple but well-loved hatching, draw shadows in the places indicated in the example drawn by the artists of Drawingforall.net.

How to draw a Macintosh

So, now you have learned how to draw not only the Macintosh, but any old computer from the 80s and 90s. Do not forget, dear friends, that we are waiting for your subscriptions on Pinterest and Facebook, because in these social networks, we every day publish various kinds of sketches, artworks and announcements of upcoming drawing instructions.

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