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How to Draw a Supercar

How to draw a supercar

How to draw a supercar? In this simple drawing lesson, the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw a supercar and get a realistic and voluminous drawing of a car. In fact, supercars are a conditionally distinguished subclass (upper segment) of a wider class of sports cars. And almost all the principles of drawing sports cars are quite suitable for drawing supercars, but there are still some differences that will also be covered in this article.


Step 1

In order to properly draw a supercar, first we need to map out its body outlines. The most important thing that we will indicate in the initial step is the low and sporty outlines of the supercar. The hood line should flow smoothly into the roof and then into the trunk. As we draw the Ferrari, the outlines will be very smooth, but other cars of this class could have more angular outlines.

How to draw a Ferrari 488

Step 2

Let’s add the most basic details to our supercar drawing. Like almost all modern sports cars, supercars have very large wheels and a narrow window frame, which we will outline in the second step of the lesson about how to draw a supercar. In the same step, mark the headlights.

How to draw a supercar step by step

Step 3

We continue to add details and make our drawing of a supercar more like a real car. First, mark the large wheel arches and make the wheels themselves voluminous, as in the example from Drawingforall.net below. Next, inside the wheels depict the rims, leaving a thin strip of the side surface of the tires. Complete the step by mapping air intakes, single door and mirror.

How to draw a Ferrari 488 easy

Step 4

In the previous three steps, we showed how to outline a rough initial supercar sketch, and now it is time to go into details. As always, we recommend starting to trace the car from the nose, that is, from the front. Make all the lines of the front dark and clear, tracing in the details of the headlights and air intakes.

How to draw a Ferrari step by step

Step 5

As mentioned above, almost all supercars have a low roof and a narrow window frame. And in the fifth step of the guide on how to draw a supercar, we will deal with the fact that we draw out these details with the help of dark lines. Having made the lines clean and beautiful, do not forget to erase unnecessary auxiliary guidelines.

How to draw a Ferrari

Step 6

The sixth step of the lesson on how to draw a supercar will be quite difficult, because here we have to draw all the many decorative lines on the side surface. Also draw out the door, taking into account these decorative lines. Bring the body of your supercar to perfect condition by erasing all unnecessary auxiliary lines and go to the wheels.

How to draw a Ferrari supercar

Step 7

So, let’s try to draw the most beautiful and smooth wheels. Start by tracing the outer contours of the tires and the edges of the rims. Then draw out the spikes that diverge from the center and move to the edges of the rims. Give your supercar drawing a cleaner and more finished look by removing any remaining auxiliary lines.

supercar drawing tutorial

Step 8

The final step of the guide on how to draw a supercar will be devoted to the shadows, because they will make our drawing voluminous. Using hatching, apply shadows in the area of the wheels, air intakes and other places as shown in the drawing drawn by the artists of Drawingforall.net. Do not forget about the cast shadow under the supercar and the texture of the grille.

supercar drawing

In this instruction, we showed how to draw a supercar on the example of a Ferrari 488, but using the principles obtained in this instruction, you can draw absolutely any sports car, supercar and hypercar, because as already mentioned in the preface, all the principles of drawing these types of cars are almost identical.


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