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How to draw Chibi Robin

how to draw chibi robin

Hello! Today we will show you how to draw Robin from DC Comics in Chibi style. Few days ago we posted another Chibi-drawing tutorial, as you probably remember it was War Machine from Marvel.

Today you are waiting for Chibi Robin. By the way, like the War Machine, he is always an assistant to the main character of comic stories.

And one more thing, guys. We heard that the last lesson about Chibi was quite difficult. But the style of drawing Chibi must be very very simple. Drawing in the Chibi style should be available even for beginners. So let’s start!


Step 1

First we will draw a head. The low horizontal line should be practically straight. But the upper horizontal line must have a significant bend. You can see here another interesting thing. Eye line are very very low.

how to draw chibi robin step by step


Step 2

Ok, it’s time to draw a body. In this case the body looks like a small elongated cone. Hands and feet also look like very small cylinders.

how to draw comics chibi


Step 3

And we continue this drawing tutorial in which we told you about how to draw Chibi Robin. So we have roughly drawn figure. In this step we will begin the adding of the details.Please use the facial lines from the first step as a guide. It will help you to draw the contours of the mask and hair.

how to draw chibi dc


Step 4

It will be a very very easy step. All you need to do in this step is erase the unnecessary guide lines from the face. Then darken the main face lines to make this area is finished and clear.

how to draw chibi characters


Step 5

And now we do the same actions with the body, hands and feet. Don’t forget to draw such recognizable signs of the Robin costume as logo, belt with buckle and collar.

how to draw chibi robin

We hope that it was not very hard work because we conceived this drawing lesson Chibi as something very easy. If you have some problems with drawing of this Chibi, please, write about it in facebook comments. And if you just like this lesson don’t forget to praise us. It was joke, but we are really like to read this. So, we will see you tomorrow, goodbye!

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