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How to Draw a Jalapeno

Jalapeno drawing

Many of you, dear readers, love burgers. Probably many of you dined burgers today. We did it, honestly. And so we did a lesson about on how to draw a jalapeno. We are sure that jalapeno is the best supplement for a burger. So let’s start drawing!


Step 1

First draw the outline of the pepper. We draw a long elongated cone with jagged asymmetrical margins.

How to draw a jalapeno


Step 2

Now draw a small stalk. You can draw it in another shape or size.

Learn how to draw a jalapeno pepper


Step 3

What is common in a huge lesson about how to draw an ancient warrior  and a tiny lesson drawing jalapeno? That’s right, it is the last stage. In both cases we cast shadows. And now we will draw very light shadows with pale hatching.

How to draw a jalapeno

It was a pretty simple lesson. We hope you have a great drawing. We will see you in the next drawing lesson, do not forget to visit us!


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