How to Draw a Ferrari 458 Italia

how to draw a Ferrari 458 Italia

Hello dear readers and lovers of cool cars. In one of previous drawing lessons we have shown you how to draw a Ferrari. It was pretty useful lesson, and many of you asked us to make another one lesson about Ferrari. So meet the drawing tutorial about how to draw a Ferrari 458 Italia.


Step 1

To make a realistic Ferrari drawing we need to draw it main outlines. So grab a pencil and using very light lines draw the outlines of the body of our sports car.

how to draw a Ferrari 458 Italia

Step 2

At the front sketch out the headlights. They are long and angular. At the sides of the body of our Ferrari sketch out the rear view mirrors. At the lower part draw wheel arched and wheels.

how to draw a Ferrari 458 Italia step by step

Step 3

The main outlines of the Ferrari are done. Starting with this step we will draw details and make the lines finished. As always we start with the front of the car and draw out the radiator grille with a characteristic mustache.

how to draw a car

Step 4

Move a little higher and draw out the hood. The lines of the hood should be very smooth and slightly curved. Next draw the headlights that in contrast with the lines of the hood must be very angular and straight.

how to draw a super car

Step 5

Let’s proceed to the top of our Ferrari. Here we draw out the roof. Note that the lines of the roof and windows must be very smooth in the same step we draw out the mirrors.

how to draw a sports car

Step 6

Move a little lower and draw the side part of the car. Here we need to draw out the door, handle and decorative lines on the side of the Ferrari. Don’t forget to erase all guidelines from the body of the car.

how to draw a Ferrari

Step 7

This is probably one of the most complicated steps of this tutorial, because here we need to draw out the wheels and arches. The complexity lies in the fact that the wheels should be as rounded as possible, without crooked and wrong lines.

how to draw a Ferrari 458

Step 8

And we continue the drawing tutorial about how to draw a Ferrari 458 Italia. In this step we need to draw the rims. Different cars have different rims. And you can draw rims either in our example, or choose your own style of rims.

Ferrari 458 Italia drawing

Step 9

Ferrari 458 Italia drawing is almost done. It remains only to add shadows to our drawing. Add shadows to the least lit areas of our drawing using hatching.

how to draw a Ferrari 458 Italia


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