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How to Draw a Hippo Head

How to Draw a Hippo Head

Hello, dear artists, in this lesson we draw animals, or rather we will show you how to draw a head of a hippopotamus.

Step 1

In order to draw the head of a hippo, we need to draw such a figure: the head is a triangle with rounded corners, an open mouth that drawn with a pair of curved lines. Now sketch out a neck and a small ear.

How to Draw a Hippo Head

Step 2

We continue the lesson about how to paint the head of a hippo. Here we need to draw huge teeth and skin folds on the neck.

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Step 3

Gradually we begin to give our scheme a more hippopotamus look: draw nostrils, curved long cheeks, mouth. Erase all unnecessary and superfluous lines.

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Step 4

Let’s make the drawing more realistic, adding shadows. Let’s start hatching with the most interesting: darken the mouth, leaving the teeth unpainted. Next, using light shading, add shadows as shown in our drawing.

How to Draw a Hippo Head

It was a step-by-step drawing on how to draw a hippo head. Do not forget to visit our site more often, because every day we prepare for you new drawing lessons.

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