How to Draw Timmy Turner

how to draw timmy turner drawing lesson

Hi! We made a new drawing tutorial about how to draw Timmy Turner. As you can see, this tutorial is very simple. We hope that it will help to beginner artists to train their skills.


Step 1

First we draw a simple figure that looks like a droplet.

how to draw timmy turner


Step 2

Then we draw the contours of the cap and hair. You can see that we used only smooth lines.

timmy turner drawing lesson

Step 3

Ok, now let’s draw the eyes. It looks like ordinary circles. You might think that drawing of this character it is very easy. This is practically true, but errors in this step will make your final result distored.

how to draw timmy turner step by step

Step 4

And we continue tutorial in which we told how to draw Timmy Turner step by step. In this step we will draw the ear and teeth. The teeth appear as a rounded figure, separated by a longitudinal line.

learn how to draw timmy turner

Step 5

And now we have a final step.

how to draw timmy turner drawing lesson

It was very simple tutorial, and if you think that you can draw more complicated things, visit the lesson about a car or a boy.

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