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How to Draw a Rapier

how to draw a rapier

Hello dear readers! In this drawing tutorial we will show you how to draw a rapier. It is long and thin sword of pricking action widely spread in the late Middle Ages. In fact the rapier is a more thin type of the long sword with a modified guard.


Step 1

At first we draw a long, thin and straight line.

how to draw a rapier

Step 2

At the end of the line draw an oval as a guide for the pommel.

how to draw a rapier

Step 3

Draw out the grip with patterns as in our example.

how to draw rapiers step by step

Step 4

Draw out the guard that looks like a semicircle.

how to draw a melee weapons

Step 5

Draw out the knuckle guard that looks like a couple of curved lines.

drawing tutorial

Step 6

Draw the quillon that located right behind the guard.

how to draw a sword

Step 7

Draw out the long and thin blade of our rapier.

learn how to draw a rapier

Step 8

Erase the guidelines leaving a line at the center of the blade.

rapier drawing

Step 9

Add some shadows using hatching and glare on the blade using some short strokes.

how to draw a rapier

We have just shown how to draw a rapier. In the Middle Ages it was very common weapon that eventually replaced the long sword and the great sword. Rapier as often found in RPGs such as Gothic or Baldur’s Gate.


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