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How to Draw a Smiley Face

how to draw a smiley face

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw a smiley face. This is one of the easiest drawing tutorials on our site.

At the same time, the smiley face is the most recognizable symbol of the Internet era. We are sure that drawing a well-known logo will help you believe in yourself and start more complex drawing lessons.


Step 1

So we start a guide on how to draw a smiley face. Firstly, draw three intersecting long lines. It will be great if you draw these lines without using a ruler. Remember that this is a very important action that will influence all subsequent steps. After drawing three long lines, draw short lines at the end of each of the three lines as in our reference.

how to draw an emoji

Step 2

Draw a circle. If you are an aspiring artist, you might think this is a very difficult task. In fact, if you regularly practice drawing simple geometric shapes, you will have no problem with it. In this case, we urge you not to use any auxiliary tools and try to draw a circle with just your hand.

how to draw an emoji

Step 3

Draw two vertical ovals. These shapes should be close to the center vertical line. The diagonal lines will be a great reference point in this step. As you can see, the diagonal line crosses 1/3 of each oval. It will be ideal if you draw these two ovals without the help of any auxiliary tools.

how to draw a smiley face easy

Step 4

So, we continue to work with this guide on how to draw a smiley face. We hope that you are not too tired. Make these ovals black and contrasting. Before doing this, check the lines from the previous step so that you don’t have problems correcting the already filled shapes.

how to draw a smiley face step by step

Step 5

By the way, if you are a fan of the comic book and the movie about the Watchmen, the emoticon will surely cause you special emotions. So, draw a smooth, curved line. Ideally, it should look like a classic, well-known smile. The lines from the beginning of the drawing tutorial will serve as an excellent guide for this action. Pay attention to the distance of this line from the eyes and to the bottom edge of the circle.

how to draw a smiley face emoji

Step 6

Check that all lines and proportions are correct. Make sure that the whole drawing is symmetrical and correct. Fix any mistakes and erase unnecessary guidelines from your drawing. Congratulations, you have drawn a great stylish smiley face!

how to draw a smiley face

So, the team of drawingforall.net today showed a smiley face. Try to repeat everything as in our example or draw any other emotion, such as worry, winking, or sadness. With practice, you will be confident and able to draw more complex things. Be sure to subscribe and share our lessons if you want to support us. Don’t forget to visit our site and get new drawing tutorials!


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