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How to Draw a Hedgehog

How to draw a hedgehog

Today the team of Drawing For All will show and tell you how to draw a hedgehog. Despite the fact that this is a fairly simple creature, we divided this drawing into a several very simple steps, so that even a novice artist could draw a hedgehog.


Step 1

Draw a large and wide oval – the torso of our cute hedgehog, and then sketch a small circle – here the head will be located. By the way, do not forget that the first steps should be done using very light lines.

How to draw a hedgehog

Step 2

Now in the circle of the head we sketch a small circle – this will be the hedgehog’s ear. Then draw the small pointed muzzle and legs of hedgehog.

Learn to draw a hedgehog

Step 3

Using a smooth line draw the line of the beginning of the spikes. Sketch out a small eye and the tip of the nose. So, we already create the basic contours of the figure of our hedgehog, and starting from the next step we will draw the details, using more clear and dark lines

How to draw a hedgehog step by step

Step 4

Carefully draw the small face and neat details of the hedgehog face. Draw out the legs and belly, removing guidelines. Note that the lower edge of our hedgehog should be drawn using short strokes.

How to sketch a hedgehog step by step

Step 5

And now the most painstaking step – here we will draw the small spikes of the hedgehog. For the greatest realism, draw spikes from the roots to the tips.

hedgehog drawing tutorial

Step 6

Now darken the eyes and legs. Using hatching add shadows to our drawing of the hedgehog. Add the shadows as follows – first determine the light source, then gently shade those areas where the light does not fall.

How to draw a hedgehog

We hope that the lesson about how to draw a hedgehog was simple enough, and now you can draw a hedgehog as our artists. Now let’s get down to useful tips. In order to draw as a professional, it’s not enough just to draw a hedgehog using this lesson. You need to practice a lot, drawing this pretty creature with photos and even from memory. And of course do not forget that we have pages in all the famous social networks, where you can subscribe, so as not to miss any new drawing tutorials.


  1. i did this for my history class and got an A++ thx for this it really helped 😃

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