How to Draw a Gibberling

How to draw a Gibberling step by step

Greeting, dear artists! It is DrawingForAll with a new drawing tutorial about how to draw a gibberling from Dungeons and Dragons. If you played Dungeons and Dragons games you know that gibberling are naked, hunchbacked and spiteful humanoids who walk in a large crowd attacking with short swords and daggers.


Step 1

The body of our monster resembles a body of a small man with a big head. Therefore, first of all sketch out the head of our gibberling in the form of an oval. Next, outline the spine, arms, legs, rib cage and pelvis.

How to draw a Gibberling

Step 2

In the second step we always add volume to the figure, and this lesson will not be an exception. Draw a tapering torso that goes into the pelvis. We mark the shoulders and knees in the form of circles. Then we draw arms and legs with the help of cylinders. Don’t forget to sketch out the dagger in hands.

learn to draw a gibberling from dungeons and dragons

Step 3

Let’s move on to the details and start with the head. Sketch out the small and evil eyes. Draw out the edges of the face, as shown in our example. Draw the wide-open mouth (that similar to a cat’s mouth) and go to the next step.

how to draw dungeons and dragons

Step 4

Here we continue adding details on the head of our terrible creature. Add the animal nose, teeth and wrinkles on the nose, which punctuates the nasty mood of our gibberling.

how to draw monsters from dungeons and dragons

Step 5

Draw long and slightly pointed ears that stick out of the mane of our evil monster. To draw a mane as in our example use short strokes.

How to draw Gibberling from dungeons and dragons

Step 6

Let’s drop a little lower and draw the pectoral muscles and abdominals as shown in our example. Note that the body of gibberling is similar to the body of an ordinary man.

How to draw Gibberling from from dnd

Step 7

Let’s move on to the arms. Using clear and curved lines draw out deltoid muscles, biceps, triceps and forearm muscles, as shown in our example.

learn How to draw Gibberling

Step 8

In this stage we finish drawing the body of our gibberling. Just like in the previous step, here we draw the legs, using clear and dark lines. Also don’t forget to erase all unnecessary guidelines.

Gibberling drawing tutorial

Step 9

So, the last step in the drawing lesson about how to draw a gibberling from Dungeons and Dragons. And as always at the last step we need to add shadows to our character in order to make the drawing more voluminous and realistic. In our example we drew shadows using light hatching, but you can add shadows in style of comics, for example lkike in drawing lesson about Spider-Man or DareDevil.

How to draw a Gibberling step by step

So, we think it was very cool. If you did everything right, you get such a cool and ugly gibberling as in our example. And as in all our previous drawing tutorials here we recall you to share this lesson and subscribe to us in social networks.

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