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How to Draw a Bmw

How to draw a bmw

Hello everyone and welcome to the drawing lesson on how to draw a BMW 7 series step by step! BMW is one of the most common brands in the world,which for many years is one of the favorite brands of many people and the main competitor of another well-known German company – Mercedes-Benz.


Step 1

First of all sketch out the main outlines of the BMW as in our example. Here you must use very light lines. Also note that the lines should not be perfectly even.

How to draw a bmw

Step 2

In front of the car sketch out long headlights and the famous grille of BMW. Next sketch out wheel arches, wheels, windows and doors. Here all lines also should be the very light.

How to draw a bmw sevrn series

Step 3

And now carefully draw out the headlights and grille. As you know the grille of BMW is divided into two parts and looks something like a nostrils.

How to draw a bmw 7 series

Step 4

Using a long and curved line draw out the hood. Draw the bumper, fog lamps and license plate. Do not forget to erase all the guidelines from the first two steps, that the drawing was clean and beautiful.

How to draw a bmw step by step

Step 5

Continue the drawing lesson about how to draw a BMW 7 series.  Draw the wheel arch in the shape of a semi-oval and a wheel in a shape of an oval. Inside the wheel draw the rim in a shape of another oval.

learn How to draw a bmw

Step 6

Draw the roof of the car, try to draw these lines smooth and clean. Split the windows as in our example and draw the rearview mirror.

How to draw a bmw

Step 7

Carefully draw out the doors and handles. Draw the lower part of the car and molding. Draw the back of our BMW and the wheel, which is drawn just like we drew the front wheel.

bmw drawing

Step 8

So we got to the last step of drawing BMW. Here we have to draw the wheels (of course you can choose any shape), the details inside the headlights and the lines inside the radiator grille.

How to draw a bmw

You can leave your BMW as in the last step of this lesson or add shadows, and how to do it look in the lessons about Lamborghini and Ford Mustang. You can also visit the category “Cars” to learn more about how to draw cars. So, don’t forget to share this and other our lessons and check our website for updates.


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