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How to Draw a Ferrari f40

How to draw a Ferrari f40

The team of Drawingforall.net loves everything related to art and fast cars, and therefore we created a bunch of different lessons on how to draw supercars and hypercars. We especially love Lamborghini and Ferrari, and have repeatedly published lessons about different models of these beautiful and powerful automobiles. And in continuation of these lessons today, we will show you how to draw a Ferrari f40.


Step 1

To properly draw a Ferrari, first we outline its contours. Since the current car is a supercar, it should have very flat and wide contours.

How to draw a Ferrari f40

Step 2

Now we create square headlights and a narrow radiator grille. Next, depict the window frame and wheels, which look like uniform ovals.

How to draw a Ferrari f40 step by step

Step 3

Add two more square headlights. Next, outline the mirrors and the outlines of the windows and the wide sports door. Depict arches and rear spoiler. Give volume to the wheels.

How to draw a Ferrari

Step 4

Starting from this stage, we will trace everything that was previously sketched in the form of a loose sketch. Start with the nose of your Ferrari f40 drawing by tracing it, adding the necessary details and removing unnecessary guidelines.

How to draw a Ferrari step by step

Step 5

Now let’s work with the top and spoiler of the Ferrari f40 drawing. Trace this part with clear and dark lines and remove all unnecessary auxiliary guidelines.

How to draw a supercar

Step 6

Trace all parts on the side part of the Ferrari f40 and add characteristic air intakes. Remove any remaining unnecessary guidelines from the f40 body.

How to draw a cool Ferrari

Step 7

Trace the wheels to make them crisp, smooth and dark. Next, draw the classic rims and remove any remaining unnecessary guidelines from the Ferrari f40 drawing.

Ferrari f40 drawing tutorial

Step 8

Shadows and highlights will make your Ferrari F40 drawing more voluminous, deep and solid. Add shadows in areas indicated by the artists of Drawingforall.net.

Ferrari f40 drawing

We tried very hard to make the instruction on how to draw a Ferrari f40 simple and accessible. Ferrari F40 has already become a classic supercar, and its forms have become a kind of canon for many modern supercars.


  1. Thanks for the great tutorial! I’m gonna use this on my dads birthday card!

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