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How to Draw a Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo drawing

We know that many of our readers find us precisely thanks to articles related to cars, and especially sports cars and supercars, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. The team of artists and editors has repeatedly described the process of drawing supercars from very different points of view, but we understand that different models of the same company can be very different from each other, so we create separate lessons describing specific models. In this article we will look at how to draw a Ferrari Enzo – one of the most legendary models of this company.


Step 1

The first stages of drawing a Ferrari Enzo will consist of preparatory actions that will help not to make mistakes in the further formation of this supercar. So in the very first step we depict such a peculiar layout using several very smooth and light lines.

How to draw a Ferrari Enzo

Step 2

With the help of the same super light lines create the most necessary details. First of all create long characteristic headlights and no less characteristic windows. Next, outline the only door and tires. Try not to overdo the darkness of the lines on the initial steps.

How to draw a cool Ferrari Enzo

Step 3

We continue to create important and inalienable details to the Ferrari Enzo drawing. Again, go to the nose of the supercar, outlining unusual air intakes. Next, form the wheel arches and make the wheels volumetric and depict the rims. Do not forget about the mirrors and the air intake on the side.

How to draw a Ferrari Enzo easy

Step 4

Starting from the fourth stage we will deal with the final details of the Ferrari Enzo drawing. We begin by tradition from the front, carefully tracing the elongated headlights and memorable air intakes. Now take an eraser and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the surface you were working on.

How to draw a Ferrari Enzo

Step 5

The fifth stage of the instruction on how to draw a Ferrari Enzo will be very simple, and even elementary. Using clear and dark lines trace the rounded roof and depict the windows. Do not forget to depict a round fuel hatch and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the working surface.

How to draw a Ferrari

Step 6

This stage will be a little more difficult, but nevertheless, we are sure that you will not face difficulties. Carefully trace the door and all the details that you can see in the picture below this description. Form the back of a Ferrari and erase all unnecessary lines from the body.

How to draw a Ferrari Enzo step by step

Step 7

This step of the tutorial on how to draw a Ferrari Enzo will be truly difficult. Trace the tires so that they are clear, smooth and dark. Next, draw the rims like the artists of Drawingforall.net did. First, mark all the spokes with light lines, then trace them as described in our example.

Ferrari Enzo drawing tutorial

Step 8

Using cross lines, draw a grille. Next, using a few light strokes, draw glare on the windows and the body. Next, draw the shadows using a dense and uniform hatching. Do not forget about the cast shadow of a Ferrari, so that the supercar does not seem to fly in the air.

How to draw a Ferrari Enzo

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  1. This car is more expensive than everything my family owns all together and its made of paper

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