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How to Draw a Lamborghini Diablo

How to draw a Lamborghini Diablo

There are legendary cars, whose coolness only increases with each passing year. One of these legendary cars is Lamborghini Diablo, the flagship of this Italian company in the nineties. In this lesson, the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw Lamborghini Diablo in eight fairly simple steps.


Step 1

Lamborghini Diablo is a classic supercar, and it has the characteristic features of this car body. That is, first of all, it is a flat and wide body, having such a shape for maximum aerodynamicity. So, sketch out the Lamborghini Diablo as shown in the example from the artists of Drawingforall.net.

How to draw a Lamborghini Diablo step by step

Step 2

Now we need to turn this geometric shape into something more like Diablo. Let’s start with the wheels, sketching them in the form of simple ovals. Next, depict the traditional for Lamborghini angular headlights and windows. Already at this stage, we will give our Lamborghini Diablo drawing a powerful sporty look, making large wheels and narrow windows.

How to draw a Lamborghini Diablo easy

Step 3

Now we need to make our Lamborigini Diablo drawing more voluminous and detailed. To do this, first make the wheels voluminous, drawing a surface that contacts with the asphalt. Next, mark the wheel arches. The front arch should be in the form of a semicircle, and the back a little more angular. Next, sketch out the door and details of the bumper.

How to draw a Lamborghini Diablo car

Step 4

In the previous three stages, we outlined a basic sketch of the Lamborghini Diablo, and starting from the fourth stage we will deal with the final details. Trace the front with clear and dark lines as in the example below. Use an eraser to remove all unnecessary auxiliary lines from the front of the Diablo.

How to draw a Lamborghini

Step 5

Now circle the roof and the window with clear finishing lines. The window line should be sufficiently narrow, as mentioned above, this is one of the distinguishing features of almost any sports car. Like the previous step, complete the fifth stage by removing unnecessary lines using the eraser.

How to draw a supercar

Step 6

In the sixth stage we will finish drawing the body of the Lamborghini Diablo, and only the wheels will remain. So, as we did in the previous two steps, carefully trace the side surface of the Diablo with the door and the air intake using clear finishing lines.

How to draw a Lamborghini

Step 7

Probably the most difficult stages in drawing Lamborghini Diablo, in which we will draw the wheels. Gently and slowly trace the wheels so that they are symmetrical and perfectly rounded. Next, draw the rims. Note that the rims of this classic supercar are quite different from those of modern cars of this class.

Lamborghini Diablo drawing tutorial

Step 8

So, we drew a Lamborghini Diablo, and for a perfect result, we only need to add some shadows. First of all, draw some glare on the glass surfaces. Then draw the shadows with a dense hatching. Shadows should darken unlit and poorly lit surfaces and add volume to our Lamborghini Diablo drawing.

Lamborghini Diablo drawing

Today the team of Drawingforall.net showed you how to draw a Lamborghini Diablo – one of the most legendary supercars from the nineties.


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