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How to Draw a Ferrari Laferrari

How to draw a Ferrari Laferrari

We noticed that most of our readers really like drawing lessons about various cool cars, such as Lamborghini or Ferrari. There are already a lot of lessons on drawingforall.net about how to draw different models of the Ferrari brand. But our readers most often asked us to show how to draw a Ferrari LaFerrari – a hybrid hypercar, the company’s first serial hybrid car.


Step 1

The main thing in the process of drawing any car is not wheels or headlights, but proportions. If you make mistakes in proportions, the picture will look inharmonious and unnatural. Therefore, we first sketch out the outlines of the Ferrari LaFerrari body with the help of smooth lines.

How to draw a Ferrari Laferrari

Step 2

Our drawing is not very similar to a car, and in this step we will fix it. Here we must outline the most basic details, without which it is impossible to imagine a car. So using very light lines sketch out the wheels, headlights and outlines of the windows.

How to draw a Ferrari Laferrari easy

Step 3

As you can see, our drawing is slowly starting to look like a car. Continuing to add details, we sketch out the outlines of the bumper, air intakes, doors and rear-view mirrors. In the same step, with the help of several lines, we will give the wheels a three-dimensional look and draw arches.

How to draw a Ferrari step by step easy

Step 4

In the previous three steps, we sketched the main outlines of our Ferrari LaFerrari, and from step number four we will draw the details. According to the tradition of our lessons about cars, we will start from the front, having drawn the details of the hood, bumper and headlights.

How to draw a Ferrari Laferrari step by step

Step 5

Low roof is one of the characteristic signs of hypercars. This low and smooth roofline allows to achieve the greatest aerodynamics for the car. In this step of the lesson about a Ferrari LaFerrari, we will draw this very roof, which smoothly passes into the back, the windows and rear-view mirrors.

How to draw a Ferrari step by step

Step 6

This step will probably be one of the most difficult, because here we have to draw a lot of complex lines. So, draw the lines of the door and all the design details on the side of the car. In the same step, we will need to get rid of all unnecessary guidelines on the body of the Ferrari.

How to draw a Ferrari

Step 7

Another rather difficult step of the tutorial on how to draw a Ferrari LaFerrari in which we will need to draw the wheels and rims. Using clear and dark lines, circle the wheels carefully, making them as smooth as possible. Next, draw the rims, which may look either as in our example, or in any other style.

Ferrari Laferrari drawing

Step 8

To make our Ferrari look really cool and voluminous, we will need to add shadows. With the help of hatching we draw shadows in the least illuminated areas, for example the shadow under the arches or the shadow falling from the rear-view mirror. Also do not forget to draw the cast shadow under our hypercar.

Ferrari Laferrari drawing

In this lesson, the team of drawingforall.net showed how to draw a Ferrari LaFerrari. In the future we will draw many more different models of this famous brand. Of course, the differences in models are not outwardly strong, but we think that all our lessons will be interesting to our readers.


    1. Sorry. I was saying can you please make the drawing of BUGATI DIVO?

  1. pls can u make a bugatti bolide pls

    i think u can do it πŸ˜€

  2. This is epic
    I never saw anything harder like this
    Plus this goes great with the drawings i made
    Bugatti veyron, farrari, this one, Audi A4, Marcedes benz C-class, Volkswagon beetle
    Yes this website is amazing!!!!!!!

  3. Sup
    This is a pretty cool drawing but what would be even is a car like mine which is a Bugatti la voutoire noir
    Kind regards,
    Christiano Ronaldo⚽️

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