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How to Draw Rick Astley

Rick Astley drawing


Hello, dear artists! Many of you have heard about the singer by the name Rick Astley. And for those who do not know, Rick Astley – a popular singer from the ’80s who sang the songs in the style of synth pop. So, let’s start the drawing lesson and learn how to draw Rick Astley step by step.


Step 1

At first draw an oval, as a guide for the head. At this step, the shape is very similar to the head of Spider-Man. Draw the lines of the facial symmetry. The vertical line shows us the center of the face, and the horizontal line will help us to draw eyes. The lines must be crossed in the middle of the face.

How to Draw Rick Astley

Step 2

Using a cylinder draw the neck. Sketch out the shape of the torso. Using circles draw the shoulders. Sketch out the arms, using cylinders. Each arm consists of two cylinders of the same size. Sketch out the contours of the hands.

How to Draw Rick Astley step by step

Step 3

Using two slightly curved lines draw the closed eyes, which is located on the vertical line from the previous step. Draw brows above the eyes.

How to Draw Rick Astley step by step

Step 4

When you draw Rick Astley, you must remember, that he has very gentle facial features. Using slightly curved line draw the nose, as in our example. Under the nose, draw a mouth.

How to Draw Rick Astley step by step

Step 5

Draw the ear, which is located on the line of the eyes. Draw the lines of the jaw, chin and cheekbone. Erase the guidelines. Draw high hairstyle as in our example.


How to Draw Rick Astley with a pencil

Step 6

Sketch out the jacket and the collar of the shirt. Draw the shapes of the mic.

How to Draw Rick Roll

Step 7

Using curved lines draw details of the hair style. Erase the guidelines from the body. Draw fingers and add some folds of fabric to the clothes.

Rick Astley drawing


It was drawing lesson, in which we tell you how to draw Rick Astley. If you drew something wrong, we want you to remember, that you Never Gonna Give Up, and keep drawing. Goodbye!


  1. I just started to draw, I’m 51… I tried this one and my gosh, I cannot draw people! I’m Never Gonna Give up though lol

  2. I want to draw but i keep giving up and i keep getting let down and every time i turn around i want to desert the paper.

  3. I cannot even do step 1. I keep on failing and cannot draw a simple head.
    Lesson: some people have drawing dyslexia.

  4. Never gonna give this paper up

    Never gonna let it down

    Never gonna run around and desert it

    Never gonna say goodbye

  5. I drew it. It kinda worked. Imma use it to Rick Roll my friends. Muahhaha

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