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How to Draw Manga Eyes

how to draw Manga Eyes

Today we will tell you how to draw manga eyes. This slightly simplified but very expressive style is incredibly popular in the world.

That is why we decided to create another drawing guide that is dedicated to manga. We have presented it in six simple steps that will help you get great results.

Step 1

So, first, draw three simple lines to indicate the position of the eyes on the piece of paper. The vertical line is the line of symmetry, and the horizontal lines are the top and bottom pages of the eyes.

how to draw manga eyes step by step for beginners

Step 2

Secondly, draw the upper border of the eyes. Due to the peculiarities of the anime style, this is a very large, bright figure that is adjacent to the upper horizontal line.

how to draw manga eyes

Step 3

Add the bottom borders of the eyes. This should be less noticeable than the top borders from the previous step. Laterally, there are two lines on each side, but in the medial direction, they are connected into one line.

how to draw manga eyes step by step

Step 4

Draw pupils. It looks like two circles inside the outline of each eye. A slightly frightened look is formed by pupils that are shifted slightly laterally from the center.

how to draw manga eyes for beginners

Step 5

Draw the eyebrows. It can be eyebrows of any shape, depending on your imagination. However, we decided to create something as manga-style as possible, so we drew large, wide eyebrows. You can see here such features as strong bends and a sharp narrowing in the lateral direction.

how to draw manga eyes easy

Step 6

And now you can simply remove the baselines from the beginning of our lesson. You can also evaluate the entire drawing, and correct mistakes, and inaccuracies.

how to draw Manga Eyes

So, we hope that this was a useful anime style drawing tutorial for you. We are constantly creating new lessons specifically so that you can improve your drawing skills and become even more skillful artists.

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