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How to Draw a Dog Toy

how to draw a dog toy

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw a dog toy. We do a lot of drawing tutorials about animals, but today we decided to concentrate on things that pets love. You can change individual details at each step. We only offer an approximate scheme for drawing a simple thing. The rest is open to your imagination.

Step 1

So we start this guide on how to draw a dog toy. As always, we will begin by drawing basic geometric shapes. Draw a cylinder that is truncated on both sides. It looks like an elongated figure and two narrow ovals that are located laterally. Choose a suitable localization for this shape on a piece of paper. We are only drawing a dog toy, so we draw a cylinder in the center of the sheet.

how to draw a toy for dogs

Step 2

It looks like Mickey Mouse ears, doesn’t it? Draw two rounded shapes at the top and lateral. As a result, you should get two open lines. Try to draw these shapes as even and symmetrical as possible. It will be ideal if you draw these shapes without the help of any auxiliary objects.

how to draw a dog toy easy

Step 3

Draw rounded shapes at the bottom to get something that looks like two heart signs. Try to focus on the shapes that were drawn earlier. Note that the ends of the lines may intersect. As a result, you should get a sketch of the dog toy that narrows noticeably towards the center and expands distally.

how to draw a dog toy step by step

Step 4

Delete all the extra guidelines you used earlier. Draw the final outlines in clear contrasting lines. Check that the final sketch is correct and symmetrical. This dog toy looks really good, doesn’t it?

how to draw a bone

Step 5

Now try to show your imagination. Draw on this dog toy the logos, patterns, or shapes that you like. Place these decorative elements wherever you like. As you can see, we have chosen the decorations in the form of heart signs and dog paws. With these signs, the dog will always be able to recognize his toy.

how to draw a dog toy bone

Step 6

With the help of shadows, you can always complicate any drawing. This even applies to such a simple drawing as a dog’s toy. So, use a sweeping slanting hatch to create a simple, stylish shadow. If you want to draw a thicker shadow, use a two-layer crisscross hatch.

how to draw a dog toy step by step

If you are an aspiring artist, you can skip painting shadows. You can also color your sketch of a dog toy to your liking.  Also, if this dog toy drawing tutorial was helpful, please let us know about it. Your opinions and criticism are very important to us. Your comments really help us to understand in which direction our drawing guides should be moved.


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