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How to Draw a Dog Easy

how to draw a dog easy

In this drawing guide, we are going to tell you how to draw a dog easy. We have tried to present you with the simplest sequence of eight steps so that it is accessible even for novice artists. We have created quite a few dogs drawing tutorials, but this time we decided to make the easiest and most accessible guide of all. You won’t need any knowledge of animal anatomy or complicated geometry rules for this guide


Step 1

So, we start a guide on how to draw a dog easy. The first action in any drawing lesson is to create a basic sketch. In this guide, we will also draw three rounded shapes and connect these shapes using smooth lines. Use minimal pressure when pressing the pencil while drawing.

how to draw a dog easy but realistic

Step 2

As you know, we love to create cool drawings using very simple shapes. Therefore, draw a neck, which looks like two smooth lines connecting the head and torso. After that, you can draw out the outlines of the nose and mouth, which looks like a truncated cone.

 how to draw a dog realistic and easy

Step 3

Great, you are making good progress. Now draw powerful large front legs. As you can see, it looks like elongated rectangles that taper towards the bottom. The distal ends of these shapes widen to form round paws.

 how to draw a dog simple and easy

Step 4

Next, we will draw two smooth horizontal lines. The top line starts from the head of our dog and forms the tail. The bottom line connects the two torso shapes we drew earlier.

 how to draw a dog easy and fast

Step 5

Many animals have a very characteristic curve in the area of the hind legs. Dogs are no exception – these guys really need good jumping ability and speed. Let’s draw the hind legs of our dog, paying attention to this curve.

how to draw a dog easy for beginners

Step 6

Small details can bring a drawing to life very noticeably. Now you will understand what we mean. Draw the outlines of the ears and nose of this lovely dog.

how to draw a dog easy step by step for beginners

Step 7

Dogs, unlike cats, do not have very thin and sharp claws. This is not surprising since dogs do not need to climb trees and attack with their claws. Therefore, we will draw small claws that look like small triangles. Pay attention to the relative position of our dog’s nails and toes.

how to draw a dog easy step by step

Step 8

We made a great drawing. Here you can remove the extra guidelines drawn previously. The final lines should be outlined using clear, confident lines.

how to draw a dog easy

Dogs are pretty cute creatures. We hope you managed to draw a cute and realistic dog using our drawing tutorial. Do not forget to write in the comments about how well you got to work with this lesson. We are waiting for your feedback!

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