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How to Draw Chibi Zelda

How to draw сhibi Zelda

Games of the series about Legend of Zelda are rightly considered to be among the best in the history of the gaming industry. In one of the previous lessons we showed you how to draw Link – the protagonist of this beautiful series of games. Today we want to show how to draw Zelda – the very one in whose honor the game is named.


Step 1

Let’s start with Zelda’s head, outlining it in the form of a circle. On the head, we sketch out two intersecting lines.

How to draw сhibi Zelda

Step 2

Now sketch out the outlines of the torso, arms and long dress. Please note that for simplicity we do not draw legs.

Learn how to draw сhibi Zelda step by step

Step 3

On the head we will sketch out the outlines of the eyes, pointed ears, crown and hair. In this step, we also use very light lines.

How to draw chibi game characters

Step 4

Using clear and dark lines, carefully draw out the eyes, eyebrows, a smiling mouth and lines on the cheeks.

How to draw chibi nintendo characters

Step 5

Now draw out the outlines of the face, hair and complex crown. On pigtails we draw longitudinal strips as in our example.

How to draw chibi game princess

Step 6

This step will be quite simple. Here we draw the outlines of the upper body and hair behind the back of Zelda.

Chibi Zelda drawing tutorial

Step 7

It remains now to draw the lower part of the body of chibi Zelda. Just draw the long dress as in our example.

How to draw сhibi Zelda

So, as you could see, this lesson was extremely simple, as well as all the other lessons about chibi characters on DrawingForAll. In order to learn how to draw all the other characters, be sure to visit the “Anime” category on our website, we are sure that you will necessarily find a lesson to your taste there.

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