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How to Draw a Bowl

How to draw a bowl

Hello everybody. In previous drawing lessons we showed you a lot of different types of tableware, such as a plate or vase. Today we want to continue this theme and created a lesson on how to draw a bowl.


Step 1

First of all draw out the upper edge of the bowl in the form of an ordinary flat oval.

How to draw a bowl

Step 2

Now, using a long curved line, draw the bottom of the bowl. Try to make it as smooth as possible.

How to sketch a bowl step by step

Step 3

A very simple step in which we draw a base at the very bottom of the bowl.

Bowl drawing

Step 4

Using light hatching draw shadows and glare on the surface of our bowl.

How to draw a bowl

This was another lesson from the category “Myths and Legends” in which we showed you how to draw a bowl. If you were able to draw a bowl, then try to draw it as part of a still life, for example, next to a bottle and with apples and grapes inside.


  1. i love your work
    can you teach me how to draw well
    I am not really good at ART

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