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How to Draw a Bloodhound

how to draw a Bloodhound

Welcome to the DdrawingForAll and a new drawing lesson on how to draw a bloodhound step by step. This is a very beautiful beagle dog that was bred in Belgium. In this lesson we will use a step-by-step method of drawing, similar to the one we used in the lesson about an Afghan hound.


Step 1

To get a dog draw three parts – the head, chest and pelvis, using simple ovals. The head should be the smallest of ovals. Using simple lines sketch out the spine, tail and limbs.

How to draw a Bloodhound

Step 2

Using light lines connect ovals from the previous step. Add the hanging ears with the help of curved lines and legs with the help of simple geometric figures.

how to draw a Bloodhound dog

Step 3

Continue the drawing lesson about how to draw a bloodhound. Using clear and dark lines draw a sad expression on the face of our dog.

how to draw a Bloodhound

Step 4

Using clear lines draw out the body of our bloodhound as it shown in our example below.

learn to draw a  Bloodhound step by step

Step 5

Erase all additional guidelines from the drawing. Add wrinkles on the face and body of our bloodhound and the drawing our dog is almost ready.

Bloodhound drawing

Step 6

Now add some shadows to the drawing of bloodhound neatly hatching the parts on which the shadow does not fall.

how to draw a Bloodhound

It turned out to be a realistic drawing of a bloodhound, is not it? If you liked this drawing tutorial, try to draw something else from “animals” category from our site, for example a wolf or a horse. We will be glad to see the results of your work. Leave comments, come to us more often, and you will learn a lot of new things. Thank you for attention!

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