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How to Draw a Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinder drawing

Are there any fans of real ground coffee? We hope that there are a lot of you here, dear readers. Especially for you we have created a new drawing tutorial in which we will tell you about how to draw a coffee grinder step by step.

Step 1

First we draw the contours of the box and the coffee bean bowl. Try to draw it without using auxiliary tools such as a ruler or compass.

How to draw a coffee grinder

Step 2

In the last step we drew two figures. Now we will add basic details. We will draw a large rounded handle, upper and lower parts of the box as well as a handle for the drawer. The ground coffee is dropped in this drawer.

How to draw a coffee grinder step by step

Step 3

We erase the extra lines from the handle of our coffee grinder. We draw the details of the large handle and the central rotational mechanism that starts the millstones for grinding coffee. Also in this step we draw a hem of a bowl.

Learn how to draw a coffee mill

Step 4

And after the actions from the previous step we will work with the box in which the grinding of coffee beans occurs. In this step straight lines should be as symmetrical as possible.

Coffee grinder drawing tutorial

Step 5

On round elements you should use hatching of different sizes to get the effect as if the shadow tapers down. Look at the inside and outside of the bowl for an example. On the coffee grinder box the shadows should look like a straight light shading.

How to draw a coffee grinder

We have created a very cool picture. It’s time to get some rest and have a cup of coffee. We already have the same coffee grinder, so we have to do some work to get the finished coffee powder from the coffee beans. This is a great occupation for us in the evening. And we wish you inspiration in your work. Do not forget to read us!

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