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How to Draw a Ball

drawing soccer ball


In today’s drawing lesson the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw a ball. We will draw a classic soccer ball made of black and white hexagonal panels. We have divided this instruction into seven super simple steps consisting of elementary lines and having a very simple and accessible description. So, let’s start the tutorial and learn how to draw a soccer ball!


Step 1

At first draw two perpendicular, straight as an arrow, lines. It will help us to draw the ball as smooth as possible. It will be perfect if you could draw these lines without a ruler.

how to draw a ball


Step 2

Using the guidelines from the first stage draw a circle. Note, that it will be very good if you could draw the circle without compasses (as in tutorial about how to draw a clock).

how to draw a soccer ball


Step 3

Erase the guidelines. And you should get the circle in our example.

how to draw a ball with a pencil


Step 4

Continue to draw a ball. From this step we will start to draw the classic texture of a ball. At first, using straight lines draw a hexagon.

how to draw a ball step by step


Step 5

Now, using the same method as in the previous step draw a few more hexagons. Note, that a soccer ball has large and small panels. The white panels on a soccer ball slightly are larger than black panels.

how to draw a ball for football


Step 6

Using the same method as in the previous steps draw the rest of the panels. Note that the panels which are closer to us are slightly bigger than those that are further away. If you did everything right, then your ball drawing should look something like this.

soccer ball drawing


Step 7

It remains the last step in the tutorial on how to draw a ball. Paint out the smaller panels using hatching. And using hatching add shadows as in our example. Note, that the shadows consist of several parts: cast shadow, reflected light, core shadow, light and highlight.

drawing soccer ball


It was drawing lesson about how to draw a soccer ball. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing lessons by Drawingforall.net!


  1. This one is actually so easy! I love how simple and easy to draw this is

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