How to Draw North Star from Marvel

How to draw North Star

Hello! Today we will show you how to Draw North Star from Marvel.


Step 1

First we will draw a figure consisting of sticks and circles. The position of the character is very good for drawing. We can use the usual rules for drawing a male figure.You can read this rules in this drawing tutorial (step 1).

How to draw North Star from marvel


Step 2

Here we will draw the facial lines. After that, we will sketch out the neck in the form of a cylinder. Draw the body which narrows from the chest to the pelvis area. Then add volume to the arms and legs using simple cylindrical figures.

How to draw a superhero


Step 3

Let’s outline the contours of the hairstyle. Also in this step we will draw face features using short strokes.

How to draw a superhero from Marvel


Step 4

In this step we will erase unnecessary guide lines from the face. After that, we will draw the face features in detail.

How to draw a hero step by step


Step 5

Now we need to outline the contours of large pectoral muscles. Also in the same step we draw the final contours of the hands.

How to draw a man hero



Step 6

This will be a very simple step. Here we will erase superfluous guiding lines which are located in the area of the pelvis and legs.

How to draw North Star


Step 7

And in the final step we will draw patterns on the North Star’s uniform.

How to draw North Star

It was a drawing lesson of the not very famous character from Marvel comics. However, there are several interesting stories where he played a key role. We hope that you enjoyed this drawing tutorial. Goodbye!

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