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How to Draw a Nectarine

Nectarine drawing

The team of artists of drawingforall.net created a lot of different drawing lessons about different fruits and vegetables. In this lesson we will continue this delicious topic, and show our readers how to draw a nectarine – a fruit that in fact is a smooth peach.


Step 1

Almost all of our fruit drawing lessons begin with a simple circle, and the lesson about a nectarine is no exception. Sketch a simple circle using light lines.

How to draw a nectarine

Step 2

Now let’s make our drawing more like a peach, for this we will draw a long, slightly curved line going from top to bottom.

How to sketch a nectarine step by step

Step 3

Continue the drawing lesson on how to draw nectarine. In this simple step, we simply draw a stem of the nectarine.

How to draw a nectarine easy

Step 4

To make our nectarine look voluminous, we will draw shadows. Using dense hatching, draw the shadows on the surface of the fruit and the cast shadow on the surface under it.

How to draw a nectarine

If you like to draw still lifes, the lesson about how to draw nectarine will be very useful for you. You can draw this fruit not only as a separate picture, but also next to other fruits, such as a pear and an apple.

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