How to Draw Chibi Ariana Grande

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How to draw chibi Ariana Grande

Not so long ago we started a series of drawing lessons about characters and famous people drawn in the chibi style. And our readers often asked us to create a drawing lesson about how to draw chibi Ariana Grande. The drawing lesson is ready, and it’s time to get down to it.


Step 1

Let’s start with the head, drawing it in the form of a circular figure. On the head, we sketch out two intersecting lines.

How to draw chibi Ariana Grande

Step 2

Next sketch out a torso, which is strongly tapering at the waist. Next sketch out the arms and legs.

How to sketch Ariana Grande chibi

Step 3

Now with the help of clear and dark lines draw out the outlines of the eyes. Shade the pupils leaving the highlight points.

Learn how to draw chibi Ariana Grande

Step 4

Here we draw a small and neat nose and plump lips. Then draw small eyebrows above the eyes.

How to draw Ariana Grande chibi

Step 5

Draw out the outlines of the head and hairstyle as in our example. Remove all unnecessary guidelines from the head.

How to draw chibi Ariana Grande step by step

Step 6

Now draw a thin neck and outlines of the torso and arms. Repeat the lines as in our example.

Chibi Ariana Grande drawing tutorial

Step 7

Draw a wide skirt and legs. Remove all unnecessary guidelines and chibi drawing of Ariana Grande is completed.

How to draw chibi Ariana Grande

As we said, we created a lot of drawing lessons about the different characters drawn in the chibi style. You can go to our category under the title “Anime” to find a chibi drawing tutorial to your taste, or write us about what drawing lesson you would like to see on our site.

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      Of course. We already have lessons about famous rappers, and in the future we will create many more lessons about different celebrities.

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