How to Draw a Backpack

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How to draw a backpack

Hello dear artists. In this drawing lesson we want to show you how to draw a backpack.

Step 1

First let’s sketch out the outlines the backpack with very light and smooth lines.

How to draw a backpack

Step 2

Now sketch out the shoulder straps, a pocket at the front and handle at the top.

Learn how to draw a backpack step by step

Step 3

Now draw out all the lines, making them clear, beautiful and complete. Draw the locks, lash tab and seams.

Backpack drawing tutorial

Step 4

Now, using hatches, sketch out the folds and draw the shadows, as we did in our example.

How to draw a backpack

Like all the other lessons, this one was quite detailed, and we hope that all our readers could learn how to draw a backpack. Of course, backpacks are for a variety of purposes – for study, tourism and military purposes. But all of them are united by the fact that with the help of our drawing tutorial you can draw any of them.

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