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How to Draw a Flute

How to draw a flute

We read in your comments your requests for us to make a simple drawing lesson of a musical instrument. And we make this lesson in which we will tell you how to draw a flute.

Step 1

Let’s draw a long thin rectangle – this will be the basis, the body of our future flute.

How to draw a flute

Step 2

In the lower part we draw an oval hole and in the upper part draw a mouthpiece of the flute.

How to draw a flute

Step 3

Draw finger holes on the surface of the flute, which, as you can see, are not the same in size.

Flute drawing tutorial

Step 4

The last step in which we will deal with adding of shadows to make our drawing more voluminous.

How to draw a flute

The lesson about how to draw a flute was really very simple. It seems to us that you should not have any difficulties while drawing. But still, if these very difficulties arose, be free to write to us about this, indicating in which step you are faced with these difficulties.


  1. this is a recorder another type of wood wind but it is not a flute

      It’s my assignment for band in Albrecht elementary school 😡😡

  2. All the band kids be like… THATS A RECORDER…. Don’t worry I myself is a band kid.

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