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How to Draw Nite Owl

Nite Owl drawing

Hello! Today we will tell you about how to draw Nite Owl, one of the central characters of the comics book “Watchmen”.


Step 1

First we will draw a stickman. You can see the features of the stickman in this drawing tutorial. These features are:

  • This stickman have no neck;
  • The chest has a slight bend. This is especially noticeable against the background of a straight line of back;
  • The stickman has a dynamic pose. You can notice it by the hands and feet.

How to draw Nite Owl

Step 2

Second action in this drawing tutorial is the drawing of the figure. And we will add some “meat” to the “bones”. First draw the lines of the facial symmetry. The vertical line divides the face into two parts and will help us to find the centre of the face. The horizontal line also divides the face into two parts and will help us to draw eyes.

After that you should sketch out the parts of the body. Using cylindrical shapes draw the body, legs and arms. Outline shoulders and knees, in this step it look like circles. Important thing: you do not need to press down on the pencil very hard in this stage.

how to draw Nite Owl step by step


Step 3

In this step we will draw nose and month. Also don’t forget to draw a glasses which look like two circles inside the infinity symbol.

Watchmen drawing lessons


Step 4

To complete the work with the head and neck, we need to draw the top of the helmet and the collar.

how to draw nite owl from comics


Step 5

Now let’s draw a cloth that covers Nite Owl’s chest and shoulders. And of course it will be necessary to draw clenched fists. You can  read about how to draw fists and palms in this tutorial.

how to draw nite owl from Watchmen

Step 6

And it is time to draw the body and the belt. Inside the contour of the trunk, you should outline the muscles of the press and the contours of the ribs.

how to draw Watchmen


Step 7

In this step we will draw legs and pelvis in details.

how to draw Nite Owl

Step 8

In this last step we will draw shadows. The bulk of the shadows are located on the underside of the mantle. You can draw it this with simple hatching.

Nite Owl drawing

We hope you like this drawing tutorial. Don’t forget to tell us about your drawing in comments. Goodbye!

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