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How to Draw a Salmon

how to draw a salmon

Kind time of the day, dear artists and welcome to the drawing lesson about how to draw a salmon. This is a fairly simple drawing lesson at the end of which we will get a fairly realistic salmon.

Step 1

First of all we draw a very elongated oval. This will be the basis for the body of our salmon.

how to draw a salmon

Step 2

At the left side of the oval draw eyes and mouth. Next using very light lines sketch out all the fins.

learn to draw a salmon step by step

Step 3

Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the drawing and make the necessary lines clean and smooth.

how to draw a fish

Step 4

Draw out the gills, longitudinal line on the body and lines on the fins. It remains only to add shadows.

salmon drawing

Step 5

Add shading from the top and bottom to make our salmon more realistic. The drawing of the salmon is ready.

how to draw a salmon

It was a lesson about how to draw a salmon. We do not have a huge amount drawing lessons about fish on our site, but if you want us to draw another marine inhabitant, let us know about it in the comments to this article. Also do not forget to subscribe to us on social media.


  1. I really enjoyed drawing the salmon and I would like to see more marine drawings like this one.

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