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How to Draw the Black Shuck Dog

How to draw a Black Shuck Dog

The planet Earth is full of various myths, most of which are told about very terrible and wild creatures. It is to such monsters that our category entitled “Myths and Legends” is dedicated. Today we will supplement this category with a drawing lesson about how to draw the Black Shuck dog.


Step 1

In fact, the only external difference from an ordinary dog is that the Black Shuck has only one eye in the middle of the face. So we need to sketch out the skeleton as if we were drawing an ordinary dog.

How to sketch a Black Shuck Dog

Step 2

This step also does not differ from any drawing lesson about an ordinary dog. In this step, we will need to add the volume to the parts of the body using simple geometric shapes.

Black Shuck Dog drawing lesson

Step 3

And in this step we can already see the difference from an ordinary dog. With the help of dark and clear lines, we will need to draw out the single eye and shape of our dog’s head.

How to draw a monster dog

Step 4

Now let’s move on to the body of our terrible dog. Using short lines, we sketch out the fur of the dog. Next, draw the paws and go to step number four of drawing lessons about how to draw a Black Shuck.

Learn to draw a Black Shuck Dog

Step 5

The figure of our sinister dog is almost complete. At this stage, we need to draw the hind legs using dark and clear lines. Do not forget to remove all the unnecessary guidelines that we drew in the first steps.

Black Shuck Dog drawing

Step 6

What do we usually do to make a flat drawing more realistic and voluminous? Of course we add shadows! Draw the shadows using dense hatching as shown in our example. Or you can draw shadows like in drawing lessons about comics – that is, use black and contrast areas of shadows.

How to draw a Black Shuck Dog

Myths of different countries of the world tell us about the most different monsters in the dog’s appearance – Cerberus, Hellhound and so on. Today we have drawn the Black Shuck, but in the future we will draw other terrible dogs and other monsters, so subscribe to us in social networks so as not to miss our new lessons.

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