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How to Draw a Crab

How to draw a crab

In this very simple lesson, consisting of five elementary steps, the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw a crab – one of the most famous and ancient creatures now living on the planet Earth. This animal is very close to crayfish, shrimps and other crustaceans. This is not the most complex creature in the world, and we are sure that using our step-by-step instruction you will be able to learn how to draw a crab.


Step 1

Let’s draw a crab corpus. This is a rounded figure with a reduced bottom and a very wide top. This figure may be asymmetric. Do not forget about the darkness of the lines, in the first steps they should be light enough so that with a light touch of an eraser you can erase them without any effort.

Crab drawing tutorial

Step 2

This step of the tutorial on how to draw a crab may seem difficult for you, but in fact everything is easier than it seems. At the top, mark the claws, then depict the legs on both sides of the body. The upper legs should be noticeably larger than the lower.

How to draw a crab step by step

Step 3

Now we need to add some important details to complicate the crab drawing. Let’s start with the uppermost part of the crab’s body, outlining small eyes and making the top line wavy. Next, draw the details of the claws, so that they look like what you see below.

How to draw a crab easy

Step 4

Now let’s make our crab drawing even more realistic. To do this, we will need to trace the lines of the picture, making them darker and clearer. Then, using an eraser, delete all unnecessary guidelines from the crab drawing. If at the initial stages you did not press hard on the pencil, it will be very easy to do.

Crab drawing lesson

Step 5

The fifth step of the lesson on how to draw a crab will be devoted to the final touches, namely drawing shadows. Using hatching, draw the shadows in the areas that are shaded in the drawing by the artists of Drawingforall.net below. Hatching serves not only to shade the necessary areas, but also to create a pattern on the crab’s shell.

How to draw a crab

We tried not to complicate this lesson so that both a professional and a novice artist could learn how to draw a crab. Did we succeed in teaching you how to draw crabs? Your opinion is very important to us, so write it either in the comments to this article or to us directly in social networks.

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