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How to Draw Jango Fett

How to Draw Jango Fett

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw Jango Fett from Star Wars. Like his son Bob, Jango became a cult character even though we could see him in minutes on the screen.


Step 1

First we look at our drawing and note the basic features of the figure. It’s best to use a stickman for this action. We see a large head (due to a helmet) and short stature. Our character tilts her head slightly forward and because of this, growth seems even smaller. In general, the growth of our character in this perspective is equal to the sum of the lengths of 5.5 – 6 heads.

The chest is much wider than the pelvis. Hands form obtuse angles. The legs have the minimal bend in the knee joints.

How to Draw Jango Fett step by step

Step 2

We connect the chest and pelvis using two lines with smooth bends. We must get a torso that gradually tapers down. After that, we draw two intersecting lines on the head. The horizontal line of the eyes is located just above the center. This line has a smooth bend.

How to Draw Jango Fett easy

Step 3

Let’s work with the contours of the arms. As in the previous tutorial about Boba Fett, here we do not see the raised muscles and physiological shape of the muscles. Because of the costume, our hero’s hands look like cylinders and large balls. The forearm has a slight narrowing downward. The fingers are represented by two cones that are located on different sides of the palm.

How to Draw Jango Fett easy step by step

Step 4

Great, let’s try to create volumetric silhouettes of the legs. The hips have a very smooth narrowing towards the knee joints that look like two large balls. The shin first slightly expands and then sharply tapers in the distal direction.

How to draw Jango Fett from Star Wars

Step 5

So we drew a rough silhouette of Jango Fett. Now we can draw the outline of the armor and helmet of our bounty hunter. We focus on the contours of the head and draw a helmet that expands down and forms an obtuse angle. On the shoulders and hips of Jango Fett, we outline the contours of light plates. On a lowered belt is a holster with a gun.

How to draw Jango Fett from Star Wars easy

Step 6

Draw a gap on the helmet. It has a T-shape. Please note that the horizontal edges of the helmet in this perspective have sharp curved ends. We connect the lower and horizontal ends using lateral smooth curved lines. Do not forget about the small antenna on the helmet.

How to draw Jango Fett from Star Wars step by step

Step 7

In this step, we will depict the defense that is located on the body of Jango Fett. It looks like four plates between which there are gaps. In the place where all the plates meet, a small elongated hexagon is located.

Jango Fett drawing

Step 8

The hardest part in this step is finger painting. We have a special lesson about this in fact. We also draw protection on the shoulders and forearms. On the elbow bends are the folds of tissue.

Jango Fett drawing step by step

Step 9

In the pelvic area we see a protective plate and a lowered belt on which a holster with weapons hangs on both sides. On the hips and legs are small elements of armor. Do not forget about important trifles such as folds on fabric and a hem of soles.

Step 10

Let’s apply some light shadows. First, outline the contours of the areas you would like to shade. After that, we cover the areas we need with a light single-layer hatching. Avoid bright contrasting shadows because in this case your drawing will look like drawings in a comic style.

jango fett from star wars drawing

Step 11

This is the final result of our tutorial on how to draw Jango Fett. We hope you get an even cooler picture.

How to Draw Jango Fett

It was a drawing guide on how to draw Jango Fett from Star Wars. This Christmas season, we have prepared a couple more lessons for those who love this famous space saga.

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