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How to Draw Patrick Star

How to Draw Patrick Star


Hello, dear artists! Today we will show you how to draw Patrick Star – the best friend of Spongebob Squarepants. This lazy and cheerful character, in fact, is a starfish.

 It is worth noting that in 2011, Patrick took the third place in the list of the most popular fictional characters. Oddly enough, SpongeBob took only sixth place. In the cartoon, SpongeBob is certainly a central figure, but it is impossible to imagine the cartoon without Patrick – this couple is always in the center of underwater events. SO, let’s start the tutorial and learn how to draw Patrick Star!

Step 1

At first draw a circle. This circle will be a guide for a belly of Patrick.

How to Draw Patrick Star


Step 2

Using a smooth line draw the upper part of Patrick. Note that this part should be narrowed and bent to the top.

How to Draw Patrick Star step by step


Step 3

Now draw limbs of Patrick. Again, a very simple step – each limb has a very simple form, most importantly is convey the sizes.

How to Draw Patrick Star with a pencil


Step 4

Using ovals draw the shapes of the eyes. Using a curved line draw the line of the shorts.

How to Draw Patrick Star from spongebob squarepants


Step 5

Draw the eyebrows in the shape of “Z”. Using curved lines draw the mouth. Draw the tongue and move to the next step.

drawing patrick star


Step 6

Erase all the unnecessary guidelines. Draw the navel and patterns on the shorts.]

How to Draw Patrick Star


It was drawing the lesson about how to draw Patrick Star step by step. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing lessons by DrawingForAll.net!


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