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How to Draw a Mixer

How to draw a mixer

Hello! Today we will show you how to draw a mixer.


Step 1

First, draw the contours of the mixer’s body.  After that draw two parallel vertical lines.

How to draw a mixer


Step 2

Draw a few lines on the body of the mixer. On the top of the mixer draw a handle. At the bottom of the mixer draw a border.

How to sketch a mixer step by step


Step 3

Now let’s draw the beaters in detail.

How to sketch a kitchen mixer


Step 4

In this step we will draw shadows. To do this, put a light shading on the body from the front and bottom.

How to draw a mixer

It was not a particularly difficult lesson, was it? Probably, it might not be easy for you to draw this mixer because we placed it slightly inclined. If this is so, try to draw it in the usual position.

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