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How to Draw an American Football

How to draw an american football

What is your favorite ball game? We are very fond of American football and soccer. In one of the previous drawing lessons, we showed how to draw a soccer ball, and today we will show how to draw an American football.


Step 1

First, we need to outline the contours of the ball in the form of an oval. Try to make the contours of the football as symmetrical as possible. And do not forget that the lines should be the most light it the initial steps.

How to draw an american football

Step 2

Now, with the help of a long and slightly curved line, we outline the central seam on the football. The lines in this stage also should be light enough, because in the future we will make some changes in the American football drawing.

How to sketch an american football

Step 3

Now with the help of short lines we sketch out the outlines of the laces. In this step, you also need to draw the lines very light. By the way, good old advice from the artists of Drawingforall.net is to look at your drawing through the mirror to find all the errors in the proportions.

Learn how to draw an american football

Step 4

Erase all the unnecessary lines from the drawing and with the help of clear and dark lines draw out all the details of the football. In the same step, draw small stitches using short lines.

American football drawing tutorial

Step 5

And now the last step in which we need to add shadows to the surface of the ball. First of all, we determine the light source, then apply shadows to the ball with the help of the usual hatching. If your drawing of an American football is similar to ours, then you are on the right track, and it’s time to go to the last, fifth step of the lesson about how to draw an American football.

American football drawing

As you can see, we show you how to draw not only complex things like a leopard or a dragon, but also super simple things like an American football. In the future, we want to create drawing lessons about various sports equipment, so do not lose contact with drawingforall.net in order to always be aware of all updates.

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