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How to draw Green Lantern logo

how to drawGreen Lantern logo

Hi! Today we are ready present you new drawing tutorial in which we will teach you how to draw Green Lantern logo. This drawing tutirial will be very easy, so, even beginner artist could draw this logo.

As you know, Green Latern is famous superhero from DC Comics Universe. There are some people called this nickname – Alan Scott, Harold Jordan, Guy Gurdner and other, but all of them use one Green Latern Logo. So, let’s try to draw it!


Step 1

As we said, this tutorial consists of only three steps. The first draw pair of circles, the little circle must be located inside the bigger. it would be very good if you’ll be able to draw it without divider.

how to draw Green Lantern logo step by step


Step 2

Now drawing pair of rectangles, located up and down of past steps’s circles.

how to draw Green Lantern logo


Step 3

The last step of this drawing tutorial is erase cross lines of cirles and rectangles. Also in this step draw the cirle bigger than all we draw.

how to draw Green Lantern logo

We hope that you like this lesson, this made by artists of drawingforall. We wait you on our site and we made new tutorials every day!


  1. I trying to remember how to draw the superhero logos to add them in my poem.

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