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How to Draw a Vegetable

How to draw a Vegetable step by step

On our site there is an incredible number of lessons about how to draw vegetables. We have already shown you how to draw the most popular plants in the world. But in this tutorial about how to draw a vegetable we have gathered the most important and basic principles of drawing plants of this species. In fact, today we will draw a fetus of a not very famous plant called parsnip. Using the steps and principles outlined below, you can master the skill of drawing a wide range of different vegetables and even fruits.


Step 1

Let’s start with the external contours so that the drawing of the vegetable is correct and beautiful. Using very light lines, depict the outlines of the vegetable you are drawing. As already mentioned, we draw a parsnip, and a similar outline has a lot of vegetables, for example carrots. Your vegetable may have other outlines, but you need to be aware that you need to use very light lines in the first stage.

How to sketch a vegetable

Step 2

All vegetables grow out of the ground. In order for the fetus to be connected to the ground, the vegetables (as well as fruits) have stems. In the second stage, we will draw a trimmed stem of our vegetable. Almost all vegetables have similar stems, which are drawn with the help of literally a pair of very light and simple lines.

How to draw a vegetable easy

Step 3

Now we need to draw the texture of the vegetable. Since we draw a parsnip (which in our drawing is very similar to a carrot) we need to outline a large number of short transverse lines. It is obvious that other vegetables have a different texture, so in order to draw other vegetable, use a photo to repeat the appearance of the plant on the paper.

Vegetable drawing tutorial

Step 4

Shadows will help your vegetable drawing look more realistic and voluminous. Hatching with light hand movements will make your shadows smooth and at the same time very clear. You can also make the shadows darker and thicker by adding more layers of hatching. In addition, you can draw a cast shadow that will help your vegetable drawing not to look hanging in the air.

How to draw a Vegetable step by step

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