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How to Draw a Bullet Step by Step

How to draw a bullet step by step

Hello, dear artists. The category called “Weapons” is one of the most voluminous on our website. There is a huge amount of steel arms and firearms. Today we decided to draw something without which the firearm loses its effectiveness. So, let’s begin the lesson about how to draw a bullet.


Step 1

First of all take a pencil in our hands and draw a rectangle with clear and dark lines.

How to draw a bullet

Step 2

Now draw out the so-called “shoulders” and “neck” of the bullet.

Learn how to draw a bullet

Step 3

Now draw out the point of the bullet. Try to make your drawing as symmetrical as possible.

How to sketch bullet

Step 4

In the back of the bullet draw out the rim as in our example.

Learn to draw a bullet

Step 5

A very simple step in which we will need to pick up an eraser and erase unnecessary lines.

Bullet drawing tutorial

Step 6

Using long horizontal lines add shadows to the bottom of the bullet. Add some glare as in our example.

How to draw a bullet step by step

In this lesson we showed you how to draw a bullet. By tradition, at the end of the tutorial we will give a few tips. You need to give a “metal shine” to your bullet drawing. For this use light and short horizontal lines. Also, we draw your attention to the fact that even though today we were drawing a bullet for an assault rifle, you can apply this lesson to draw any other kind of bullet, since their structure is approximately the same.


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