How to Draw Finn from Adventure Time

how to draw Finn from Adventure Times

Hello! Today, in our new drawing lesson we will show you how to draw Finn – the protagonist of the popular “Adventure Time”. Despite the unusual appearance, the plot Finn – an ordinary boy, a teenager 12-14 years. In each series, he is accompanied by a faithful friend – a dog named Jake. The animated series became known very quickly and became loved by people of different ages, by boys and girls. And let’s start this drawing lesson to learn how to draw Finn from Adventure Times.


Step 1

Start drawing your character with a rectangular bar. Please note that the lines are not straight, they are slightly bent.

how to draw Finn from Adventure Times

Step 2

Mark the resulting shape by lines, dividing it into three parts. Now that the lines are ready, let’s draw a flattened oval in the highest part, near the right edge from us.

how to draw Finn from Adventure Times step by step

Step 3

Draw the hands and legs of Finn – at this stage, they look like smooth, curving lines.

finn drawing

Step 4

Silhouette of Finn is ready, now let’s add details, it will be quite easy. Draw Finn’s head – a couple of points, and a curved line will mark the face and two small smooth curved lines at the edges of the head – ears.

Adventure Times drawing

Step 5

If in the previous step, everything turned out well, Finn’s face is now a bit like a Bun. In this step, we circle the limbs of our hero and give them the volume.

Finn from Adventure Times drawing

Step 6

Erase the guide touches from the previous stages and draw smooth lines of backpack behind Finn.

how to draw Finn from Adventure Times

It was a drawing lesson devoted to how to draw Finn from Adventure Time, which was prepared for you by the artists of Come into our accounts in different social networks and wait for new drawing tutorials on our website!

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