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How to Draw the Great Wall of China

How to draw the Great Wall of China

On the request of many of our readers, we made a lesson on how to draw the Great Wall of China. This is a phenomenal building, built in ancient China, a separation wall length of almost 9,000 km.


Step 1

We start with geometric constructions. Sketch out a rectangular tower and a sinuous upper edge of the wall.

How to draw the Great Wall of China

Step 2

Draw a winding bottom edge of the wall. Make the upper edge thicker, as shown in our example.

Great Wall of China

Step 3

In the lower edge of the wall draw the outlines of rocks and trees. Erase unnecessary lines and make the necessary lines clear and dark.

Great Wall of China drawing

Step 4

Now draw the thin windows and battlements as shown in our example. The outlines of the drawing are ready and we proceed to hatching.

Great Wall of China art

Step 5

Draw outlines of bricks with the help of short lines. Next, add shadows using hatching. Shadows should be applied as if the wall is lit by a bright light.

How to draw the Great Wall of China

If you followed our instructions exactly, then you learned how to draw the Great Wall of China. At the end of the lesson, we will give a couple of useful tips. In order to make the drawing realistic and beautiful, you need to be able to draw straight lines. And you also need to make sure that parallel lines do not run away from each other. In addition, during drawing, it is very important to consider the perspective, so that the drawing does not turn out to be flat.


  1. Used it for my homework and my teacher loved it. Nice and easy to draw, I’m a pure beginner!

  2. well, it’s a very gOOd drawing. I’m just upset right nOw because I finally thOught that I did gOOd On this. I brOught it up tO my teacher and he decided tO tell me it was hOrrible because I did it On the wrOng paper.

    1. how did you say that at December first this year it is 3/13/22. I am confused

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