How to Draw Ded Moroz for Beginners

how to draw Ded Moroz for children


Hello, dear readers! Today we’ll show you how to draw Ded Moroz for kids! Ded Moroz – the main character of the New Year holiday, the East Slavic version of the Christmas gift-bringer. Initially in the Slavic mythology Ded Moroz was the personification of winter frosts. The final image of Ded Moroz was formed in the late 30’s of the 20th century. Ded Moroz is depicted as an old man in a blue, red or white coat, with a long white beard and a staff in his hand, in the boots. So, let’s start the tutorial and learn how to draw Ded Moroz for beginners!


Step 1

First sketch out the figure. It will be very different from the usual human figure – yet we draw a lesson in cartoon style. The main differences – large and round head, small growth and short legs. So, sketch out the head using a circle. Sketch out the hands, spine and legs using lines.

how to draw Ded Moroz


Step 2

Draw a bulbous nose and contours of the hat, which is put a little askew. Note, that in the first steps you should press down on a pencil as lightly as you can.

how to draw Ded Moroz step by step


Step 3

This step seems too hard, but it is not. This step seems too hard, but it is not. Let’s start with the eyebrows, outline them right under the hat. Draw close-set eyes – small  black circles (do not forget to leave a white highlights, as in our example). On the sides of the eyes draw wrinkles, literally a pair on each side. Next, draw a beard and mustache, sketch out the ears.

how to draw Ded Moroz for beginners


Step 4

Now draw a warm robe of Ded Moroz. At first draw the collar. Then draw sleeves and mittens. By the way, if you want to draw other Russian fairy-tale characters, visit our drawing lessons about how to draw Baba Yaga and how to draw Koschei the Deathless.

how to draw Ded Moroz for children


Step 5

Now draw the lower part of the coat and sketch out the boots.

how to draw Ded Moroz for the kids


Step 6

Erase the extra guidelines, draw a bag with gifts. Darken the lines of drawing and Ded Moroz ready!

how to draw Ded Moroz for children


That was drawing tutorial about how to draw Ded Moroz for children. If you enjoyed this tutorial share it with your friends and subscribe to us in social networks. If you want to draw something more complicated we recommend you our drawing tutorials about how to draw Wolverine or how to draw a Samurai. It was, goodbye!

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